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RepaKorr - repair-systems and -concepts for anticorrosive coating of offshore-wind turbine generator systems

In the project "RepaKorr", manufacturers of coating materials, applicators of coating systems, plant operator, steel worker and consultants compile material, technical, conceptual and organizational bases for a "On-site repair concept".

The company AirRobot GmbH & Co. KG compiles in this project a new procedure for the inspection of coatings by a drone application. For this new field of use, inspection criterias are compiled and put up.

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7. Framework research programme: RHEA

AirRobot is integrated in the 7th framework research programme of the European Union partners in the “Robot Fleets for Highly Effective Agriculture and Forestry Management” (RHEA) project. The goal of the project is to reduce the use of chemicals in agriculture through the targeted use of automated systems. Within the framework of this project AirRobot has set itself the goal of developing a new flight platform which meets the special project requirements. The core task in this case is, among other things, the production of very precise maps with the aid of GPS.

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6. Framework research programme: µDrones

The goal of the µDrones project in which AirRobot was involved in the 6th framework research programme of the European Union was to achieve the completely autonomous flight of a drone in an unknown terrain. During the autonomous flight the drone collected information from the surroundings, transmitted these to the control station and oriented itself.

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Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM)

The BAM developed a special sensor technology in cooperation with AirRobot which makes it possible to perform gas measurements with the aid of an AirRobot flight platform. This sensor technology is able to issue statements concerning the origin of a gas whilst taking account of various factors.

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NRW promotion project: International mine clearing

In the International mine clearing promotion project that has now been completed, which was supported by funds of the federal German state of North Rhine Westphalia, AirRobot's task consisted in monitoring the deflagration of explosives that have been detected and in this way provide a reliable and secure air picture of the defusing in real time to the persons involved. In addition the information provided by the drone made it possible to use the clearing device in a coordinated manner.

NRW promotion project: International fighting of forest fires

AirRobot also participated in the International fighting of forest fires promotion project that has now been completed which was supported by funding of the federal German state of North Rhine Westphalia. In the course of this project AirRobot developed a flight platform with corresponding smoke detector technology that is adapted to the special conditions that prevail during a forest fire. This makes it possible to discover forest fires that are just beginning to burn at an early stage.

UAV DACH working group

The UAV DACH working group is a German speaking working group for unmanned aerial vehicles. Its goals among other things are the design of UAV and their components and the creation of preconditions for the operation of UAV. To this end the UAV DACH is in constant dialogue with national and international regulatory bodies from the civilian and military sector. AirRobot has been an active member since 2010 and regularly participates in meetings of the working groups and the subgroups.

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